Allow me to introduce myself

Hello there you beautiful person who randomly stumble upon my blog. As the title says allow me to introduce, but I’m gonna make it short and concise with a LIST!!

  1. Name: Maria Angelica [friends and family call me “Geli”]

    That’s me! ^.^
  2. Born and raised in the Caribbean [Puerto Rico]
  3. Currently doing a B.S. in Human Biology; preparing for a PharmD [feeling very anxious, but excited].
  4. Addictions: Books [would love some recommendations], Netflix [procrastination time] & Donuts!

    Here’s Tina taking care of some of my babies.
  5. I LOVE my friends and family with all my heart!
  6. May appear to be a cold heart b*tch on the outside, but in reality I’m a cookie dough softie.
  7. I enjoy traveling and going on adventures [camping, exploring, relaxing…]giphy
  8. Got a teeny tiny half-moon tattoo on the back of my neck.
  9. Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day!
  10. Lastly I made this blog with the encouragement of my dear friends Natalie & Alexis [It was around 1 am via Skype]. Soon I’ll be posting new adventures, life events [college can be pretty stressful] and random stuff. I’ll keep you guys posted!